Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visualize Your Life

Visualization works! When you can legitimately visualize your goals, complex universal forces will orchestrate an avenue which most people refer to as “luck” or “catching the right breaks” for those goals to potentially become realities no matter how massive they may be. However, once this happens, it is your responsibility to take advantage of the opportunities orchestrated by the universe which is a whole other matter in and of itself. But visualization is the first step. Visualization is also synonymous with belief, expectation, and feeling.

Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us engage in visualization every single day. However, many of us are fixated on visualizing mediocrity, lack, and struggle, in regard to financial issues and our well being. Too many of us expect the conditions of our lives to perpetually stay the same. Many of us simply cannot conceive enormous monetary or social breakthroughs or increases in our lives and as a result, they don’t occur in 99% of cases.

There are a few stages in the creative process which center around visualization. First you must at least believe that it is possible for you to attract whatever it is that you want into your life. Next, you must believe that what you want will in fact become a reality at some point in the future. After this, you must disregard the dimension of time and visualize yourself in the moment experiencing whatever it is that you want. This involves both imagining and feeling the experience. For example, let’s say that a promotion is your goal. Visualize yourself at work doing whatever your dream job entails and having particular business conversations pertaining to that job. Also visualize the new level of respect you receive from others as a consequence of your new title. Get very specific and creative with this. Pick out very specific individuals and circumstances and orchestrate relevant events in your mind. By doing this you allow yourself to concieve the attainment of your goal whereas before, you mentally confined yourself to a lesser societal position. Lastly, visualize and feel like you already have or achieved your goal. Attain the feeling of already completing it, feeling the positive consequences of achieving it, and seeking to move on to the next goal.

You may now be thinking, “How can I get myself to start visualizing.” The most significant method for the majority of people to perpetuate the proccess is to recite affirmations. You see, our brains along with our thoughts and feelings are electric. These entities do not have a life of their own so to speak. Either you can control the electric in your organism or it can control you. It is more advantageous and practical to choose the former. When you recite a positive affirmation, it does not matter to your brain if what you are affirming is logical in terms of what society collectively considers logical, your electrical and mechanical brain will naturally believe what you have recited and generate the corresponding feelings and visions associated with doing so. Basically, your brain is an electric machine which you have the power to program anyway you want to irrespective of “logic” or the dimension of time. And as human beings, we necessarily think in words, and speaking out loud in words has a way of determining our beliefs,feelings, and visions. When you recite affirmations, you will visualize, believe in, and feel what you recite.

However, when you engage in visualization, your goals will not always manifest during your desired timetables or the exact way in which you envisioned them. In fact, sometimes they may transpire sooner than you thought they would and on other occasions they may come later than you anticipated. Also, sometimes you may manifest less than what you wished for and other times you may recieve something better than you anticipated. I think many people become avid believers in the power of the mind and visualization but become cynical about it whenever they don’t reap the rewards of it during their desired timetables or exactly the way they wanted it.

Keep in mind that your ego and limited senses cannot always pinpoint exactly when and how something is going to happen. You have to leave that up to the universe and just worry about your role. Your thoughts are energy and as a result of being energy, attract like energy. So your objective should be to just project as much energy as you can out into the universe in the form of positive thoughts and visions regarding your goals, without worrying about when and how they will materially transpire. If you can manage to be consistent with this, you will surely change your life the way you want it to.

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