Monday, September 19, 2011

Mind power

Most of us are familiar with the old adage “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. With this simple but true statement, the possibility of using one’s mind to overcome obstacles, problems and mistakes…is projected. And believe it or not, even Yoga uses the simple logic of mind over matter to help people de-stress and detach from the real world to enter a reality that is totally in their mind.

Springboard to life
Sometimes, mind power is also loosely termed as affirmations. Many believe that affirmations can help lift shattered spirits and mend broken hearts. It can help people get back on their feet when they feel that they are beaten. It can bring the soul back to life when the soul sinks into depression. No scientifically designed drug or medication works as effectively as mind power.

In some cases, using the power of the mind to control an outcome or break a negative trend can be life changing too. For instance, if someone has been going through a cycle of bad relationships, there is a way of breaking that chain and prevent history from repeating itself. Self-hypnosis, for one thing, is also considered a method of controlling the mind to help the owner of that mind control his actions.

The mind is a finger tapping into your inner powers
And oh, let’s not forget the preaching of some of the self-help gurus out there who tells you that if you learn how to control your own mind, you can tap into a limitless, bottomless pit of opportunities and unleash the giant from within your small self so that you can achieve the most out of your life. It’s true. The subconscious mind can be controlled and can be used to our advantage.

Well, the brain and the mind are, for most of common folks, the same thing. It’s the grey matter up in there. But for successful people and people who understand, comprehend and embrace the power of mind-control knows that the brain and the mind are totally different things altogether. You use the brain to decide what to do when there’s a mistake; you use the brain for mathematical solutions. But you don’t use the mind to do all of that. The mind is like a hardly-used passageway between the heart and the brain. Using your mind is connecting the heart (your love, interests, passion, and beliefs) and the brain (logical thinking and assessment of actions and decisions).

Knowing how to use the mind is extremely, extremely empowering!

When success is all in the mind….
The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is that some of these successful people are success-minded. And when one is success-minded, he or she will spent a certain period of time every day mentally going ‘into’ himself or herself, evaluating his or her own needs, requirements, goals, mistakes, focus, and talents. The process of ‘going into oneself’ is akin to concept of having mind power capabilities.

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