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New Research Into Power Of Mind

Do you remember the old drug slogans geared towards teens in the eighties? Well, there was one of them that said, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste.’ While they’re commercial was talking about frying your brain cells, we can translate the slogan into a conversation covering the subconscious mind.

The power of mind is the most powerful thing in the universe!

By now, we have heard of The Secret. Whether you are one of the millions that bought the book and watched the movie or not, you have to know that it all dealt with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, which everyone by now knows that the basis is you will attract what it is you think about.

It is not magic that we are talking about in here. The power of the mind cannot be harnessed if we do not do the same passionately and with the focus and determination that we have within us. The laws of attraction cannot be implemented in life if it is not properly done. The thoughts that we have really matter a lot since whatever we think of gets implement in our lives.

As an example, take the placebo effect – people who are receiving a placebo in clinical trials of medications often experience the effects caused by the actual medication since they believe that they are receiving the medication.

Can you imagine thinking you’re going to take a drug that is supposed to solve a problem and it doesn’t? It happens all the time, but most of the time it’s because your mind is telling you it won’t. This is just one example of mind over matter. This shows that mind power is very powerful!

It’s just one of the many ways we can prove how powerful the subconscious mind can alter your life. Have you ever got up in the morning and decided that it was going to be a dreadful day and that is what happened?

This was no coincidence. Coincidences don’t just happen – they are made to happen by your subconscious mind.

Quantum mechanics talks about the ‘observer effect’ and how information in the system alters the outcomes. While the link between quantum mechanics and The Secret is tenuous, the same guiding principle applies to the Law of Attraction. Your ability to observe the universe alters it.

There are scientists who are of the opinion that some of the things generally regarded as being supernatural phenomena such as ESP, remote viewing and astral projection may be explainable through science, although the way that they work is not yet entirely understood.

In short – everything we see, hear and feel is merely a creation of our thoughts! Nothing is solid; it is all energy and this energy has been created by the power of our minds.

The power of the mind is something that you can train yourself to use for your own benefit. If you could use your own mental energy to bend the universe and make positive changes, wouldn’t you want to learn how?

So where does it all start? How about figuring out where you want to go.

Initially there must be a goal set in our mind and it must be done in a scrupulous way. The goal however should not contain anything that is not clear. If it is a amount of money that we have set in our mind, the amount must be clearly etched in our thoughts. After this we must drive all our thoughts and mind activities to this goal and will soon see the result.

It is very important that you are consistent. Despite all the distractions you may have, you must remain focussed on achieving this goal.

A great way to be able to focus on the good things is by using affirmation. If you can focus everything on obtaining your goals, the power of the subconscious mind will take advantage of the situation. Sure it may difficult to grasp at first, but it’s only because it seems so simple.

Look at successful people. Everything they do is aimed at furthering their goal, and with their mind and will ruling their passions, they have a palpable air of success. This success isn’t difficult to emulate – it’s very simple. It just requires clarity of purpose and focus.

Just think how great it would be if you could alter reality so that things go the way you want them to go. For example if you really wanted a dream house how would you go about getting it? You have to divert all of your energies to that dream house. Imagine yourself painting and decorating it for example.

Everywhere we go, our thoughts must be converge on the goal set. It may be the mortgage or the paints and our energies should also work in same lines.

Then of course you aren’t really thinking about getting a dream home anytime soon, and all of a sudden it’s up for sale. Amazing right? Well, it’s just one example of the power behind the subconscious mind and how it will work for you.

This is something that any of us has the ability to do. When you learn to tap into the power of the mind, you can use it to achieve nearly anything in life. The important thing is to start small and then work your way up to ever bigger and better things until you’ve accomplished everything you want to in life.

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