Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Subconscious Mind Power : How To Develope Concentration

The problem with concentration is, the more we think or worry about concentration, the less we actually concentrate on the task at hand.

That's why a lot of strategies to improve concentration usually approach it indirectly, by focusing on the elimination of distractions etc.

And a thoughtful analysis of what distracts your concentration will often indicate to you the most effective course of action for improving it.

Never allow yourself to overlook the fact that whatever action you are engaged in, it doesn’t matter how big or small this action may be - the act of concentration and attention is also involved.

Concentration Can Be Developed Through All Kinds Of Activities...
And the ease and perfection of any activity can be gained by repetition. When the mind is peaceful and clear, you naturally address issues one at a time.

It’s also equally true to say that, if you limit yourself to doing or only thinking about one thing at a time - you will find that the mind, in turn - gradually develops clarity and with this increased concentration and will power.

To develop the power of concentration we must practice the shutting out of all distracting thoughts and impressions from our minds.

The most important part is to focus positively on one-thing-at-a-time and to avoid thinking of other things that may distract or divert you.

The concentration of all your attention is an important part towards the development and also the improvement of your mind powers.

When all the forces are focused on a single object or state of awareness...
The person who can do this has concentration, has the power of attention, and the person who hasn’t yet developed this concentration power must acquire it before they can hope to focus their powers of the mind toward anything they want or desire.

So as you can see, the concentration and focus of all your attention is not only an important part of your mind power...

It's a big part of it, as nothing great or significant can be accomplish without your power of concentration!

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