Monday, August 22, 2011

Subconscious Mind Power : Belief Is Your Power

It is through this belief in our mind and by wrong thinking, that we are related to all the destructive forces around us.
For instance, we “act like” the sort of person we believe ourselves to be...
Not only this, but we find it hard if not impossible to act any other way, even in spite of all our conscious efforts and will power.

The person who believes them self to be a “poverty type of person” will somehow find a way to stay poor and broke, in spite of all their winnings and good luck.
The person who believes them self to be a “failure type person” will always find some way to fail, even after all their good intentions or will power.
Opportunity could be literally dumped in their lap and they would still find a way to mess it up, in order to remain a failure.

Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what ever you would like them to be. It’s Blind Belief About Things Which Holds Us Back The Most!
If we believe that we are no good, then it doesn’t matter how hard we strive, struggle, strain or work – because as long as we have this firm and fixed blind belief that we are somehow unfortunate.
Then we will find it almost impossible to exit from our misfortune...

The only good remedy is to relive ourselves from these kinds of blind belief. Unless we do this we will find it hard to be happy within ourselves, for there is a natural law which states.
The World Moves In Accordance With Our Thoughts.

Nothing but our own blind belief in despair can create despair in our lives.
Our beliefs are changed, for better or worse, not just by knowledge and understanding, but by what we have experienced as well.
In fact our present state of desires, beliefs, achievements and self-confidence is all the result of what we have experienced in our lives, rather than what we have come to understand or have learned about...
Even the greatest of people can be sensitive about their reasoning and beliefs being challenged or criticized, for we are all prone to resentments.

But it’s also these same great people which have gone onto learn how to channel their resentments into something more then anger, envy, jealousy or even a wondered pride.
The ability to enlighten and always see the best in any experience you may encounter has resulted in many works of genius being produced.

So instead of looking at certain things in our life with a permanent grudge, it would be so much better and far more productive if we could channel and direct all this wasted mind power energy,
Into some other useful form of desire, activity, or thought...

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