Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 Ways To Control Your Mind Power

The mind power with which man has been so endowed remains one of the most untapped legacies of mankind. If only you knew the tool you have in your possession. If only you could fathom the potential strength you have in your body, the power which has been yours right from creation, just waiting to be discovered and used to fulfillment. Unfortunately, most people live and die without ever discovering this inherent power and therefore remain mere passengers in life%u2019s steady cruise. It is possible however for each man to gain control over this power and move towards the actualization of his potential in life.

The following are four ways by which you can gain control of your mind power and begin to demonstrate that inherent power with which you have been gifted. They may seem a bit commonplace, even simplistic, but they are potent.

1. Develop a definite picture of your goal. This sounds a bit mundane but the truth is; it remains very much ignored by most people. More often than not, people do not even have a clear idea of what they want. They may want more money or a better job but they do not have an idea of the exact amount of money they want or a precise description of their ideal job. You must have a definite picture of your desired goal.

2. Focus. Again another mundane sounding means of control, yet this is critical. The truth is that it is easy to lose focus, even when we have mapped out clear goals. A lack of focus will stop you from attaining any goal you have in mind. Just as a camera lens must be focused to produce the desired image on paper, so must your mind be focused on your goal to produce the desired result in your life. If you take a close look at some of the goals which you have missed, you will realize that it was due in large part to a lack of focus.

3. Belief. My favorite example is Peter’s loss of belief, even when he had started walking on water towards Jesus. It is very easy to give up what you have labored hard for, just because when the chips were down, you lost belief. Occasionally in life we may encounter few obstacles while in pursuit of our goals, but more often than not there will be roadblocks to overcome. Never stop believing.

4. Determined execution. It is a fallacy to imagine that you will never be tempted to stop what you are doing when the going gets rough. Even when the situation looks dire and you seem to be better off by just cutting your losses and throwing in the towel, determined effort on your part will allow you to gain control over your mind and keep it in alignment with the ultimate objective. In the words of Winston Churchill; “never give up!” Truer three words were never spoken.

Just as each person is given a measure of faith, likewise, each person is also given a measure of mind power. Learning to control, increase, and utilize that mind power for your own benefit, is up to you.

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