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Setting Your Goals

“Set your goals!” I believe you’ve heard this phrase so many times in your life time that you are almost sick of it! From young, our parents, relatives, teachers or some other adult friends would like to ask about our ambition. Although they might not be using the exact words, they are indirectly telling you to set your goals.

But is setting goals really important? Why is it that most successful people and businesses perceive this process crucial for their success? If you aren’t like or are too afraid of setting your own goals for whatever reasons, I would advise you to take a serious look at this article.

Some people believe that as long as you are motivated or even ‘unstoppable’, you can do anything and everything. Yes and No! Yes, your job can be completed within the time stipulated. No, because you will end up nowhere or worse, a position that you hate. A goal is like a destination in a map, not only does it give you the direction clearly but also to show you your progress. As a matter of fact, your goal is one of the vital factors in determining if you succeed or fail.

Set your goal with your mind power. You see, your mind is powerful and it can really help you to set your goals more effectively and at the same time, more realistically.

Clear Goal

Be precise in what you are aiming for. When you set goals that are ambiguous, you will tend to lost track along the way. When your goal is not definite, you will not know if you are heading the correct way, let alone your destination. Instead of writing your personal goal “I’ll get a new car within 5 years.”, you write “I’ll drive a new BMW 730i by January 2011.”

Setting goals which are clear and specific benefit you in 3 ways.

The goals give your conscious and subconscious mind of what you want to attain. A specific goal allows your mind to paint a clearer picture of what you will have and this allows you to visualize your dream regularly.

You will be committed when you know precisely where you are heading to.

This clear goal prevents you from loosing your focus and fall back to “firefighting” on your daily problems.

Positive Goal

When setting goals, you need to be very positive about them. Focus on what you want to achieve and not what you intent to avoid. Take for instant a career goal; you should be writing down “I will be earning $100,000 per month by the age 30.” instead of “I don’t want to remain poor by the time I retire.”

When you compare the two goals, don’t you find that the formal goal gives you that energy in you and motivates you to go for it? In fact, this first goal works wonder to your subconscious mind which naturally direct you towards your dream.

You have a dream, you set your goals and you work towards it. A very simple formula towards getting what you want. Don’t bother taking any action to achieve your dream if you have not set your goal. When you strive without a clear goal, chances are you will end up reaching a wrong target. Get your pen and notebook immediately and pen down your goal now.

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  1. I love the idea that the best time to start is NOW. Take action NOW and see how you can achieve the power of the mind and become successful in life.