Saturday, October 1, 2011

The greatest motivation - success

What better way to motivate ourselves to move towards our goals than to have the object of our fascination as a source of motivation? If we want to live in a bigger house, let that house be our motivation. If we want to have a better job, let that new job with a big paycheck be our motivation. And if we want to have an international business, why not let that international business give us the nudge we need to trudge forward.

We understand that the biggest obstacle and challenge to being successful is the lack of motivation. Sometimes, when we’re halfway through a journey, we find ourselves slacking. It’s like writing a novel. Novel writers will happily tell you about how easy it is to start a project and how difficult it is to see it through to the end. Achieving success is a lot like that. You have a million and one starts, and practically not a single ending. Or even if we have lots of endings, most of them are premature and way off mark.

Never lose sight of success
The fastest way to success is to keep your eye on that success all the time. Consistently. Never peel your eyes away from the fact that one day, you’re going to get what you want in life. It’s not hope. It’s not a wish. It’s not even a goal! It has to be a fact. When you think success is not an option but a fact, the faster you will get it.

Take, for example, Olympic swimmers. If Olympic swimmers want to get their gold medals, they are trained to go through a series of mind-boggling workout sessions every single day and are consistently psyched up about WHEN they are going to achieve their goals. Not IF but WHEN. Only when they start viewing the gold medal as a necessity, envisioning the gold medals hanging from their clothes hook on their wall will they feel adequately motivated to move unwaveringly towards that goal.

Surrounding yourself with success minded people
We’ve personally heard of people who are so geared for success that they are literally living in a world of success, enjoying the things that they would enjoy when they are successful. This plays up the part of it being the biggest motivation, and when it is all around you, you cannot ignore it.

By surrounding themselves with successful people or success-minded people the rewards are limitless. Not only are their friends able to share their positive views on how to better reach their goals, they are in the position to motivate each other and share tips and tricks! Regardless of what an optimistic person you are, you are still susceptible to feeling negative, sad, disappointed and impatient about achieving your goals. Positive and success minded people can offer a sympathetic and understand shoulder to cry on and then help nudge you on your way.

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